Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When life hands you lemons...

I do feel like life has been handing a lot of people lemons lately with the state of our economy but it's hard to be all doom and gloom when you have a little human growing away in your belly! Therefore, I'm making lemonade!

I thought a lemon was smaller than a peach so this must be a big lemon. The baby is now sucking his thumb, breathing the amniotic fluid and is over 3 inches! I am feeling great, just big but my new maternity clothes are fabulous and keep both me and my belly comfortable all day. I am in heaven every time I put them on! We are looking forward to a really nice Thanksgiving at our house with family. Not a huge group which is nice. My parents and brother will be here along with Jimmy's Mom, brother and Heather. It should be a fun time.

Here is a belly pic taken last night at 13 weeks 6 days. The "bump" is growing and I can't wait to feel the little guy moving around. Should only be a few more weeks!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Milestone

Today marks the 1st day of the 2nd trimester! Woohoo, what a relief. Our chances of anything going wrong have now drastically reduced and after seeing our little guy last week I am feeling very confident about this pregnancy!

We are having a great weekend at home. I am deep cleaning because I neglected the house in the 1st tri when I wasn't feeling great and J is outside dealing with the leaves in the yard. J's mom was kind enough to come over today to help him with the leaves which is so nice of her. I know he really appreciates the help. Usually I am out there helping but not this year and it's a big job!

I'm a little behind on the fruit this week. I got so excited about the u/s pics I forgot about the fruit so here is the big! Today our little guy is as big as a peach and he is forming teeth and vocal cords. He is also starting to practice breathing in and out.

I have some new belly pics I'll put on later this weekend. The belly is growing!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HE is growing!

We just had an extensive u/s to check on our little guy and it appears to be just that...a little guy! The u/s tech she was 95% sure that it is a little boy. Jimmy is beside himself! I'm a little hesitant but the pics really do look like he has his boy parts. We'll get another good look at 20 weeks to be sure. For now, I'm not sure if we can start buying blue or not.

He was moving around and amazing to watch. He has 10 fingers and toes and looks like a real baby. What a sight to see. He was measuring at 13 weeks 1 day, so a little ahead of schedule and was almost 3 inches long with a heart rate of 153 bpm. He is beautiful and healthy!

My belly is growing by the day and I'm sure that I look huge and extremely pregnant, although everyone around me begs to differ.

Here he is, I think he looks like a little Jimmy! What do you think? Do you see the "boy parts?"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've been a bad blogger!

I've been tagged on 2 different blogs but haven't gotten around to responding. So here we go...

This one is from Hannah

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. Lost
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. The Biggest Loser
4. Big Brother
5. John & Kate Plus 8
6. The Hills (I know, it's bad)
7. Gossip Girl
8. Kath & Kim

8 Things I did yesterday (Not a very exciting day)
1. Held Nevaeh
2. Took the dogs for a walk
3. Made dinner
4. Worked
5. Felt Nauseous
6. Ate
7. Showered
8. Lots of laundry

Favorite places to eat (kind of weird right now because I want weird things)
1. The Game
2. Anything Mexican
3. Quiznos
4. Red Robin
5. Pagliacci
6. Olive Garden
7. Taco Time
8. My own kitchen

8 Things I'm looking forward to
1. Holding my baby!
2. Kissing my baby!
3. Smelling my baby!
4. Finding out the sex of the baby
5. Thanksgiving at our house
6. Christmas with my family
7. My belly popping out so I look pregnant instead of fat!
8. Going to bed

8 Things on my Wish List
1. A beautiful Nursery
2. New carpet upstairs
3. A new railing
4. A better economy
5. A healthy baby
6. A front porch
7. New Bedroom Furniture
8. A vacation to a warm climate with my husband

And this one is from Natalie
Tag 4*4

I am supposed to go to my picture folder and open up the 4th folder and pick the 4th picture, then post it.
So here is the picture.

My sweet Dad practicing his Grandpa skills in Cannon Beach this summer with the dogs. What a fun summer get away with my family. Dad, next year you can carry a baby instead. We won't put the baby on a leash, it won't smell bad, and it won't bark at you!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Day, Another Fruit

A PLUM!! That's right, in the past twelve weeks our baby has gone from poppyseed to plum. That's quite the growth spurt! We are out of the 200's with only 196 days until my due date and the little one is in our arms. I am still feeling better with more energy and I feel like time is starting to go by a little faster than it did in the beginning. My clothes are getting tight but although my belly is getting bigger I can still wear my normal pants. Almost all of the baby's systems are fully formed. It now looks like a real, little human.
Here's another belly pic taken at 11 weeks 6 days. I can definitely tell a difference from 2 weeks ago! I know it has a long way to go but it looks huge to me :-)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lots of leaves and no more shots!

On Friday J gave me my last shot! I can't believe it's over. It feels weird to not have to do anymore but of course I am thrilled. Below is a pic of the needle J has been jabbing into the muscle of my bum, full of thick oil...gross! We'll have to do these again someday for baby #2 but for now we can put them behind us.

On another note, our backyard is so full of leaves it is ridiculous. I think about 75% of them have fallen now. We are going to my parents house for the weekend so they will have to wait until next weekend to be raked and bagged. Hopefully by then they will all be down and we'll only have to do it once. Just in case you don't believe me...

We went to the cabin last weekend and it was a nice relaxing get away. It's actually nice to get away from the cell and computer for a few days and just watch movies and play games. We are so lucky to have the cabin and I can't wait for our kids to enjoy it!

I had my monthly appt with the ob this morning and she did a quick u/s. It was so amazing. The little one was moving all around, it's arms were moving up and down and it's little body was squirming around. It looked like a real baby with limbs and big belly. Next week we have a big u/s where they will look at the baby for quite a while and take all of it's measurements. I can't wait to be able to watch it for a while. I'm starting to feel a lot better. Last week was tough with nausea and headaches but I've been feeling good the past couple of days and I feel like my energy is coming back a little as well.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little lime

What does a lime remind me of? Hmm...a margarita, a nice cold corona, maybe a tequila shot??? These actually all sound awful to me right now but someday I will long for a nice, cold, lime margarita on the beach somewhere tropical. I can dream right?

Things are still just moving along nicely. My stomach is getting harder and I can hardly wait for another 6-7 weeks when I will feel the little one moving around. Last night we watched history be made and I thought to myself, this is probably one of those events that I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when it happened. For me it was eating salad with Italian dressing (I've been craving it, something about the vinegar) laying on the couch with my husband and thinking about the world I will bring our child into. Regardless of whether America made the correct decision or not this is an exciting time and I feel lucky to be able to live through it.

Today I am 11 weeks and the baby is the size of a lime. It is growing really fast right now and is developing teeth buds, hair and fingernails! So amazing!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting for Victory

Our little one took it's first trip to the polls today. His Mom and Dad voted for the president who will be in office for the 1st 4 years of his life. Now we are anxiously watching to see what will happen. It will be fun to someday tell the little one that he was part of this important historical event, albeit it's only the size of a prune! Hope you all made it out to vote today too!