Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cloth Diaper Questions...

I've had a few people recently want to know more about our cloth diapering so I'm going to give you all the poopy details!

We currently have 20 diapers in rotation. We started with 15 and added 5 ore a few weeks ago. With the 20 we have now we are washing them about every 4 days. It would be nice to have about 25! The washing so far has been pretty easy. We are still in the runny breast milk poop phase so I'm not sure what will happen when we start solids. For now, we just toss all the whole diaper into a diaper pail (this one) and then when it's time we toss them all in the wash, no extra steps necessary. We do a rice cycle and then a wash/rinse cycle and toss them in the dryer. When it is nice out I line dry them...3 reasons for this. The sun completely bleaches the diapers so if there are any stains, they come out when drying in the sun. The sun also deodorizes them and of course it saves energy costs. Since we are in Seattle I think our sunning is coming to a quick end but we have done this a lot this summer.
We have 2 different types of AIO (all in one) diapers...Happy Heiny and Bum Genius. The Bum Genius work a lot better for us, the Happy Heinys tend to leak. The only downside to the diapers is that they tend to be a little bulky, especially on small babies so some clothes don't fit great or you may have to go up a size earlier than usual. Not a big deal but something to be prepared for. When it comes to diaper changes (people have asked how Jimmy is with the cloth) it is really pretty easy. Nothing is different than when using a disposable. I do always keep disposables on hand, we usually use them if we are going to be away from the house for several hours but I have only purchased 2 packs since we started using cloth.

There is a time commitment to washing and stuffing of the diapers. The liner comes out of the diaper in the wash and therefore the diapers need to be stuffed again before use. It takes me about 10 minutes to stuff all the diapers and put them away, not a big deal but obviously more time than opening a package of disposables.

We have purchased all of our diapers from or is also a great resource and has some great resources on washing and detergent use.

I hope this is helpful, any other questions???

Here's a few pics of my little fluffy butt!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rolly Polly

If you look up the words Rolly Polly in the dictionary there is picture of Jackson! He is fat, happy and rolling all over the place! He has been rolling from front to back for a while but about a week ago he started rolling back to belly. He thinks he is hot stuff and rolls all over the floor while playing. On top of the rolling around his body is covered in rolls! We think he weighs about 16.5lbs. He is so funny right now, always laughing and watching what we are doing.
We have finally made some progress in the sleep dept. He had his best night ever a few nights ago and slept for over 8 hours straight. Since then I've gotten some 6-7 hour stretches and for the past 4 nights he has only been up once to eat rather than his usual two times. I'm sure I'm jinxing myself for writting this but this kid doesn't miss a meal so going to only one feeding in the night is a huge deal for us!
Because I can't help it...more pictures...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two for Two

Jimmy and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary last weekend and it was a fabulous much needed evening. We left Jackson for the first time overnight and went out to dinner and stayed at the Heathman in Kirkland. Jack did great with his Grandma Judy (thanks Judy!!) and we had a great time. We really missed Jackson and talked about him a lot but it was nice to get out alone and have some adult conversation and a great dinner.

I am such a lucky girl to have such a supportive, loving, hilarious, and fun husband. I love you with all my heart and I can't wait to see what the future holds for our family. You are such a fabulous daddy to Jackson! I love watching you with your son and I know your bond with him will grow stronger every year as ours does as well. Thank you for all you do for us honey! I love you!

Happy Grandparents Day!!!

We love you Mom & Dad. Hope you had a great day...thanks for everything you do!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dear Jackson

Dear Jackson,

Today is a big day. 1 year ago it was a REALLY big day. 1 year ago you were conceived. Don't worry, it wasn't what you are thinking. Through the advancements and miracles of modern medicine 24 eggs were extracted from my body and one of them made you. On this day last year I was full of hope, fear and pain. 1 year ago today I could have never imagined I was about to become so lucky...I was about to become your mother. It's amazing what can happen in a year. Last year at this time you couldn't be seen to the human eye. You were part mommy and part daddy, trying to become an embryo. You were no more than 2 cells. One of these is you right before you were put into my belly for your 9 month growth spurt.

I'm not sure what has happened in the past couple of weeks but my little infant has disappeared and in it's place I have laughing, smiling, grabbing, playing, cooing, rolling, strong, big baby. You are so much fun right now. Everyday is different and you are doing something new. You love your toys and can grab them. Everything goes directly to your mouth. You have teeth coming in and they seem to really be hurting you. You've had a couple of rough days of teething but the pain seems to come and go. No teeth have broken the skin yet but I have a feeling they will be here soon. The faucet of jack is always on and between the drool, spit up and blow out poops you can easily go through 3 outfits a day. You are doing well sleeping. You take at least one, 2 hour nap a day and a few smaller ones as well. You love your milk and still like to eat every 3 hours during the don't miss a meal but you have become distracted while eating. You like to stop, look around, play with my shirt and reach for my face. Sometimes you play a little game with me and look up and smile while you are nursing. You don't start eating again until I give in and smile back. I'm sure it's not a good habit to start but it is just too darn cute. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of you becoming distracted by your surroundings.
I could spend all day every day kissing your fat little cheeks and trying to make you smile. I am absolutely amazed by everything you do. You turn your head and look for me when I talk and smile when you find me. The recognition is the best thing ever. I think you know who your mama is!

I love you Jackson Ray...more than I ever thought possible. 1 year ago today I had high hopes of conceiving a child but I never could have guessed how amazing it would feel to be a mommy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teeting Bites!

Seriously, teething is tough. Jack has his first tooth popping up on the bottom and it has been an exhausting process. It is still just a hard, white lump but it is really bothering him. He is constantly gnawing on his hands, drooling all over, pulling on his cheeks and ears and very fussy. Sleep has been tough but I've been resorting to Tylenol at night and it really helps. I've also tried teething tabs, orajel, and teething rings but none of it seems to work well. I'm hoping the tooth breaks through soon so he can get out of his misery and I can get some sleep!! Any suggestions on other ways to ease the pain?