Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scared of the dark

Oh my, Jackson has decided he is apparently scared of the dark. It was actually heartbreaking before we figured out this was the issue. Usually we read a book, give him some milk, put him in his crib and close the door but for the past week he has been screaming bloody murder when we put him in his crib at night. I'm would think someone was torturing him and he was scared to death. We tried everything, rocking him, rubbing his back, trying to reason with him (yeah right) and finally last night I just had to sit in the glider in his room until he fell asleep because if I tried to leave the room he FREAKED out. Tonight I got smart and turned the hall light on and left his door wide open when I put him in the crib. I told him I'd leave the light on and he needed to be a big boy and go to bed by himself. Guess what? He hasn't made a peep. Apparently he is scared of the dark all of a sudden. I'm so glad we have figured this out because this new bedtime issue was getting a little old.

I've been momarazzi lately because I got a new I Phone(how did I ever live without one?) and the pics and videos it takes are amazing. I whip it out constantly and snap away so I have some fun videos to share.

This little guy is a talker. He counts, says his ABC's and basically bosses us around all day. Proof below!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Vann Family Cabin

We are so lucky that over 40 years ago, Jimmy's grandparents built the Vann Family Cabin at Crystal Mountain. They put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the process and have spent countless hours cleaning, repairing and maintaining it. But, they have also spent countless hours cooking family meals, roasting marshmallows, sledding, skiing, building fires, playing games and spending time as a family. Jimmy spent a lot of time at this cabin growing up and has so many fond memories of spending time there with his grandparents and cousins. Jackson is already making memories of his own and we are so thrilled we will all be able to enjoy it for years to come.
Last week we took a day trip to the cabin because of the Vann Great Grandchildren were going to be there. This the first time they have all been together and the Great Grandparents were beaming with pride! It wasn't easy to get a pic of them all but you get the idea!

3rd generation Vann Family to enjoy the Cabin!

This is a very special Grandma/Grandson/Great Grandson relationship

Nothing beats roasting marshmallows in the snow!

A few weeks ago Jackson was hanging by the fire with the men.

The cabin is even lots of fun for little's when there is no snow...especially little boys who like sticks!

Wheelbarrow rides...I think this wheelbarrow is from about 200BC

Thanks for cleaning up that dirt buddy!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here we go again

Ok I know, I know! I am now justifiably the worst blogger in blogger land and I apologize to anyone out there looking for an update (all 2 of you...aka Mom and Dad). I promise to do better in 2011 and keep you updated more often. Life just got away from me and now some how we have ended up smack dab in a new year.

2010 has been an amazing year for the Vann family. We have really been blessed! We are happy, healthy, comfortable and more and more in love with our little Jackson everyday. He is such a special little person and I feel so lucky to be able to watch his little personality form.

Rather than go into a detailed synopsis of our last couple of months, here they are in pictures.

Jackson was a Duck for Halloween. It was the only costume he would actually put on so we went with it. He was a pretty cute duck if I do say so!

We had a big snow storm at home and then spent a few days at the cabin in the snow. Jack's really just into eating the white stuff but had fun sledding too.

We celebrated our first holiday in our new house.

We had an amazing Christmas. We spent time with all the family, attended lots of parties and Santa was very good. Jackson got more toys then he knows what do with, J got a new flat screen, clothes and BluRay player and I made out with some new Lulu Lemon, a Nook and more clothes. Fun times!

Ok so that should bring you up to speed on the lives of the Vann's. You'll be hearing from me again soon. I promise!!!! Happy New Year everyone (aka...Mom & Dad).