Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Picnic in the Park

We've been going on picnics lately and we are getting pretty good at it. You'd think a picnic would be a very simple thing but being the crazy lady I am I make everything a little more complex. The last few picnics have consisted of grilled chicken, homemade pasta salad, shrimp and mango ceviche w/ chips, of course wine and all the, straws, plates, cups, a blanket, garbage bag, cooler, sippy cup, lots of wipes, etc. It is quite the production but Jackson thinks it's great and it's a lot of fun to eat dinner in an open field. We've been ending our picnics with long walks aimed to wear Jackson out so as soon as we get home he's exhausted and it's bedtime! It's very fun, I highly recommend it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A few weeks ago we had a friend over who happens to be a professional photographer and he snapped a few pics of Jackson playing. They are so great and I forgot to share them. Our friend Matt lives in the Portland area and if you are in need of a photographer for anything he is awesome!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

30,000 feet

I'm currently 30,000 feet above somewhere in Utah on my way to Austin for work. How great is it that you can now be on line while flying. Love this, I feel like the 4 hours in the air are so much more productive now. Who has time to sit on a flight and do nothing for 4 hours on a Sunday?? Now at least I can get the blog updated!

While Mommy is away the boys play and I think Jimmy has plans of feeding Jackson ice cream for dinner and hanging out in PJ's all day (not entirely true but things will for sure be more relaxed while I am gone). Thankfully this is the first trip I have been on in quite a while where I don't have to pump in the airplane bathroom and haul bags of breast milk on ice through security. It feels like I am forgetting something but the freedom from that stupid pump is great.

Jackson is having such a fun summer and we have been loving the sunny Seattle weather the past week. Once I get home on Tuesday night it's time to start getting ready for the next phase of trips and fun times. We are spending a weekend in Hood Canal with friends, heading to Camas for my 10 year reunion, and then the most anticipated trip in the history of trips...we are headed to Mexico for a childless vacation. Jackson is going to Camp Grandma & Grandpa and we are going to Camp all inclusive in Cabo!! We're ready for Ronas and Ritas and a last horrah before we possibly start the long trek down the road of infertility with a hopeful 2nd baby at the end!

Here are a few more summer fun pics...Laughing with Cole on the 4th, Hanging with the ladies on Bainbridge Island, Getting in to trouble with cousin Tristan and playing with his favorite toy...a shovel and a bucket!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It just keeps getting better

When Jackson was 8 weeks old and first started giving us those sly little gummy smiles and we were sure it was the most fabulous thing he would ever do everyone kept telling us "just wait, it keeps getting better and better." I thought to myself, there is no way it can get better than this. Then he rolled over, crawled, laughed, walked, said Mama and the list goes on and on. And, it is true! It just keeps getting better and better!

We have been so busy and I'm such a bad blogger. I apologize for my tardiness of this post. In the last month we have been to Portland for a weekend with my parents, taken Jack to his first Mariners Game on Father's Day, spent a weekend in Eastern WA, celebrated my nephew Tristan's first birthday at the zoo, while working full time jobs, trying to keep up with housework and chasing a very fast little toddler. We are loving life, waiting for the sun to arrive and spending our days relishing in Jackson's new words, dance moves and cheery personality. Of course I have a zillion pictures from the past month so I'll post as many as I can...enjoy!