Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Pics

We had a little photo shoot with our friend Sarah last week for Jack's 1st B Day and the pics are so darling. We did some special One Year Photos but I'll save those for another post. Here are a few, he's such a big ball of love :-) Thanks again Sarah!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Jackson has had lots of fun playdates with friends and his cousin in the past few weeks. He has been a busy little bee playing with everyone. He is walking everywhere and is getting more stable everyday. He is also understanding a lot of words right now. He knows "outside" and wants to go out all the time. He knows all of his toys too. We can ask him to go get a certain toy and he will walk to it and get it. He is also knows alot of his books and will point at objects in them. It's so cute and so fun to watch him learn new things. By far Jimmy's favorite is the "hoop", he will tell him to "get the ball and put it in the hoop" and Jackson will pick up the ball and put it in a little hoop we have. Jimmy thinks this is fantastic and Jackson is right up there with Kobe! Watch out comes Jackson Vann ;-)

I am in full blown 1st B Day party mode. It's only three weeks away!! Last year at this time I was on bedrest...hard to believe!

Below is our week in pics-

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

War Wounds

Our little bruiser got his first real bruise this evening with a crash into the tile. I knew it would happen sooner or later and I'm sure this isn't the only time he'll go barreling into the tile ledge in our living room but he got a good knot on his eye and I got some good snuggle time out of it (not to take advantage of my child's suffering or anything)!

I think we can officially say he is a walker now. He stands up on the furniture and then lets go and walks around all over the place. He always has his arms up in the air and he usually goes from one piece of furniture to another and often stops and sits in the middle of the path. It is darling and Jackson is really pround of himself. I'm off to do more baby proofing...

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hopping (okay waddling) down the bunny trail...

We've had a tough week with a very sick baby. Jackson woke up with a really high fever on Wednesday morning. He'd never had a fever before so of course it was a little scary for a neurotic, first time Mom. He has no other real symptoms except for messy diapers until today when he got a bad rash all over his body this afternoon. We figured out he has Roseola which is apparently a common virus in babies. The fever is now gone I think he feels a lot better. He slept for the entire day on Friday, waking only for milk and has been really fussy and tired all weekend but things are looking up. The rash looks pretty bad but it doesn't seem to bother him.

Today was Jackson's first Easter and despite being a little fussy he had a great time with family. We had a really nice brunch with my parents, brother, nephew and Jimmy's family. The Easter Bunny made his first trip to our house last night and Jackson was a very lucky boy! He loved his basket and got fun new toys and books from his Grandparents too.

The other big news here at the Vann house is that Jackson took his first steps this week! He took about 5 or 6 steps over and over again but he hasn't been doing much of it since he got sick. It is really cute and of course I have a video share. I think he may be running by his 1st birthday!

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