Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cabin Fever

Jackson took his first trip to the Vann Family Cabin at Crystal Mtn. this weekend. He was a trooper and had a great time hanging out with his Grandpa & Great Grandpa. Jimmy was so excited to take him up for the first time because he has so many fun memories of growing up at the cabin and he can't wait for Jackson to be able to do all the fun things he did there as a kid. It is a really fun place for little ones to hike, sled, roast marshmallows and play games and we are so lucky have such a fun place for our family to hang out.

Jackson is doing great, he is over 15 lbs and full of smiles and laughs. We are SUPER busy with work and life and trying to keep our head above water but enjoying every minute of the little one.

I'm exhausted because Jack wanted to be up this am at 4:45 so I'm off to bed early but I'll write more this week.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Like father, like son

It's Seahawks Season and Jack is ready!

It's exhausting being a fan!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where does the time go?

Seriously, I feel like I never have enough time! It's crazy how fast the hours, days and weeks fly by. Jackson turned 3 months on Friday and he is so big and so fun! We decided to try out tummy sleeping rather than swaddling on his back and he is sleeping a ton better now. All of his naps and night time sleep are in his crib and he is doing great. He is still waking 2 times a night to eat but the napping is going great and he is going to sleep a lot easier. He smiles like crazy and is such a sweet, precious little boy. He's fat, lazy and happy!

I survived my 1st two weeks back at work. The first week was tough and there were a few tears shed but the 2nd week was easier and I think I will be ok! My job is going well and Jackson is loving being with his Grandma's who give him their constant, undivided attention. The transition has been a little tough and stressful but we are starting to get into a groove.

I could go on and on about the cute things Jackson does on a daily basis but that would probably bore most of you to tears so I'll leave you with pics and try to get back in the next few days with more updates!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hot & Bothered

We survived...I wasn't so sure it was going to happen at times but with a little help from my Mom, we did it. The hottest day ever on record (since the 1800's) in Seattle was last week and our city it hit 107. I know this happens in a lot of areas all the time but with no AC and a newborn it is miserable. Our house was 97 degrees for a few days and it was unbearable. All the AC's and fans were sold out and we were a crabby, hot family! My Mom came the rescue when she found out that the hardware store in her town was getting 18 AC units in. She picked one up, got in the car and headed north to meet us and hand it over. It turned out to be a 51/2 hour car ride for us and 4 hour for her but it was soooo worth it. We had a nice cool bedroom and a WAY happier mama and baby! Thanks Mom!!!

Today is the last day of my maternity leave. I feel like it went by so fast. I'm not going to get into how sad I am and whine about my sob story but I will say I'm going to miss Jackson so much! We will survive and it will all be fine but this is going to be a tough week. Please send me positive work vibes!
I finally caught some of Jackson's smiles on camera yesterday. He is such a smiley little guy now and loves to laugh and coo at us. Here are a few pics, actually a lot of pics, because I just can't help myself!