Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ugg, we are finally starting to get well over here. It's about time! After the stomach flu ran it's course Jackson got a pretty nasty cold that is just starting to go away. His poor little nose is red and raw from running non stop but he is finally back to his cheery self and is back to actually sleeping....woohoo...much needed rest!!

I have one more crazy week ahead and then things are going to start slowing down (lol yeah right). On Wednesday I'm heading to Vegas with my Mom, Grandma and Aunts for a little ladies trip. It will be a blast and I'm really excited to relax and just hang out. Unfortunately it will be my 4th overnight trip in 2 months (I was in Denver last week for a night) and I am SOOOOO tired of hauling the pump through the airport and pumping in weird and obnoxious places. I feel really bad for any mothers out there who travel often and pump. It is not a fun thing to do and that stupid pump is so heavy to haul around. After this week the next time I go anywhere Jackson better be done with the boobs!

On top of the Vegas trip we have a new nanny starting this week and my boss is in town on Monday and Tuesday. By the time it is over Jimmy is really going to need a vacation too. He has had a lot of alone time with Jackson lately and he is going to be on his own almost every night this week. He is such a good Daddy and I'm so thankful I can be gone and not worry about Jackson at all!

We have spent the weekend enjoying the unseasonably warm Seattle weather. Sunny and 60 degrees in Feb?? Weird but oh so welcome! We had a fun visit with my Grandma and Aunt Julie who came up for the day on Sat and the highlight of my day today was finding some Jeggings at Target. I've been wanting some and was oh so happy to find them for $19.99!

I forgot to mention Jackson had his 9 month appt last week and he is honestly as big as some 2 year olds. He weighs 22 pounds and is 29 inches long. He's in the 75% for weight and 90% for height. He is huge!!! We aren't tall so I'm not sure where this height is coming from but I'm assuming he's going to slow down soon. As you can see he has almost outgrown the elephant.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

From our handsome, little Valentine!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A REALLY crazy week...

No, it was not crazy in a good way either! I headed off to Atlanta last Sunday for a work conference, already thinking it was going to be really tough to pump for 4 days, deal with the time change and REALLY crappy flights. All of that really was really nothing compared to the stomach flu I came down with on Tues night. Stomach flu + clogged milk duct + hotel room + flying home in the middle of the night + exhaustion = absolutely miserable Mama!!! Thankfully I managed to survive (barely) and then I got home and gave the flu to both Jimmy and Jackson. Jimmy got lucky and didn't have it too bad but Jackson is still dealing with a lot of bodily fluids. Good thing he has a lot of extra fat because he has had no interest in eating since Friday. He is in really good spirits though and is laughing and playing like normal. If I could just get out from under the constant laundry from the sickness we would be doing good! If any of you out there have any trips planned where you are not taking your nursing baby...don't go!

Anyway, we are trying to get back to normal and get caught up. We had a pretty uneventful Super Bowl and Jimmy and I are going out for dinner on Valentines Day but it should be pretty low key.

Jackson is ALL over the place and refuses to sit still. He is babbling a lot more lately too. No real words yet but I'm really pushing for Mama! Sounds like we still have a ways to go though before we get there.

Here are a few pics of my precious, squishy, big ball of love (who is almost 9 months!