Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Big is Jackson??

My Dad taught Jackson this last it the cutest thing ever?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck of the Irish

Happy Birthday to the best Hubby and Daddy we know! Thanks for all you do for us honey...we love you!
PS...Have fun in Vegas with your buddies. You deserve it!
PSS...Come back with some $$$$

Celebrating J's B Day and St. Patricks Day with Corned Beef & Cabbage, Green Wine and Carbomb Cupcakes!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm home and we are all finally back to normal! No one is sick and contrary to my belief we all survived my travels! I actually think my trip to Vegas was great for all of us because Jackson FINALLY started sleeping through the night while I was gone and has kept it up all week! I thought the day would never come. He is a solid food fiend so at at 9 1/2 months it only makes sense that he would finally be done nursing in the night! Jackson still loves to eat and he can really put it away! He eats pretty much everything we do and thinks it's tons of fun to feed himself and make huge messes. I've gotten pretty good at just letting him get after it at every meal and deal with the mess and clean up. Yea for me for getting over my fear of food being smashed all over every inch of Jackson's face!

I had a great time in Vegas with the ladies. We shopped, saw two great shows, visited all the hotels, ate great meals and even went on a field trip to Hoover Dam (we went on the dam(n) tour). It was nice to be away with the ladies with no distractions (except pumping four times a day...which was utterly, pun intended, unbelievable with all my travel in the past 2 months...MOO).

Jackson is starting to stand for a second or two on his own and I think walking isn't too far off. He is such a happy little guy and babbling a lot too. He still doesn't have any real words but he is starting to put sounds together and it is so cute. His little voice is so sweet and I could listen to him babble all day! He has learned how to do high 5 and knows how to give kisses. He LOVES his mommy and daddy but is pretty happy to be around anyone who will give him attention. He also loves to be out and about. He's likes to be a man on the town.

We've had a great weekend hanging out with friends and family and enjoying the fabulous Seattle spring weather. Have a great week everyone! Happy Boy!
Ready for practice

Looking at the birdies
My brother Joe and nephew Tristan ready for a walk
Double Trouble!

Studs and their boys