Friday, July 31, 2009


On Tuesday I babysat for my new little nephew Tristan and the boys were just so cute together I couldn't help myself...I had to do a photoshoot! Arent' they too funny? They were cracking me up. I felt like I had twins! It looks like Jackson is going to eat little Tristan but Tristan is gaining a lot of weight everyday and I think he'll be able to hold is own next to Jack soon!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

He's a faker!

A few nights ago Jackson gave me a 6 hour stretch of sleep. He then ate and when back down in his crib for another 3 was heaven!!! Ever since then, he has been up every 2-3 hours. He hasn't even given me a 4 hour stretch. What the heck?? He's trying to fake me out! Good thing he's so cute!

Monday, July 20, 2009

So behind...

I'm so behind on blogging I don't even know where to start so lets see...

Jackson is now two months old and he is doing new, fun things everyday. He is so full of smiles and he is really working on a schedule. We had his 2 month appt today (he's now 2 mo. 6 days) and he weighs 12 pounds!! Wow, the Dr. said no wonder he is still usually eating almost every 2 hours. He's gained almost 3 pounds in a month. He's getting super chunky and looks so much like his daddy! He also had to get his first shots today which I thought was traumatic! He did well but it was pretty sad and he's fussy tonight so I think he isn't feeling great. Poor little guy, I know how shots feel! Not fun, especially for such a little one. Here is Jackson on his 2 month B day.

In the last two weeks Jackson has been busy. We had a wedding and bar-b-que two weekends ago. My parents were also here for the wedding so we had a great time and we hung out with Tristan for a few hours as well. My parents were in heaven with their two little grandsons!
Last weekend we went on a little mini vacation east of the mountains to Crescent Bar. We took off on Thurs and just got home today. It was SO hot...over 100 everyday but we had a fabulous time. We made great meals, played games, drank wine and just relaxed. It was a much needed little trip and Jack did great. He loved the sun and the heat and did great in the car too.

We are now back to reality and I'm trying to get everything back in order. I have only two more weeks before returning to work so we are going to spend the time working on sleep. Jack has basically put himself on a 3 nap/day schedule but often times those naps are in his swing and I'd like to get them in the crib. He also sleeps in the crib for his first stretch of sleep but I've been bringing him in bed with me after he wakes and I'm going to work on getting at least the 2nd stretch in the crib as well. Any tips??

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear Jackson

Dear Jackson,

Yesterday marked your 8 week birthday. I can't believe you have already been here for 8 weeks but then again I can't believe you have ONLY been here for 8 weeks. I can't even imagine not having you here with us and it's almost already hard to remember our life without you. You are the most special little boy!! It's amazing you can love someone so much that you have only known for 8 weeks!

You are getting so big!! I think you weigh about 11 pounds and you have started to out grow some of your newborn outfits. You are starting to get chunky with rolls on your arms and legs and your cheeks are getting huge...I could kiss them all day long! I have a feeling you are going to get a lot chunkier because boy do you love to eat. I think you would eat all day long if I would let you!

You are really a Mama's boy and love to be held by me all day. I have to admit, I don't really mind. I know that soon enough I will be fighting for you to sit on my lap so I'll take all I can get right now. You love your Daddy!!! When you hear his voice you turn your head and look for for him and he is the only one that you share your smiles with. He can really get those smiles going, you think he is really funny!

You have had a really great month, you went on your first road trip to Grandma and Grandpa's and you did great. You met all of my side of the family and most of our friends at our shower and of course everyone loved you. You started to smile and you started wearing cloth diapers. You also celebrated your first holiday, 4th of July. You are sleeping in your crib at night now and we are working on the longer stretches of sleep (still have a ways to go)! You like to nap in your swing and you love to go on walks both in the stroller and in the Ergo. You love your bath time and you also love bedtime! You are constantly messy...if you aren't spitting up the milk you just drank you are blowing out your diaper and I am constantly cleaning you up.

Jackson, we are so in love with you. You are the most amazing thing that has happened to your Dad and me. We are in awe of you and so proud that you are our Son. I love watching you do new things and couldn't be happier spending everyday with you. We have so many hopes and dreams for you Jackson, and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best life we can provide. You will never be lacking in love.
Your Dad and I will always be your biggest fans Jack.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fluffy Butt

Sorry these pics are all in weird order but for some reason I can't fix them.

Jack's 1st time in his new diapers.
Grandparents again!

The cousins

Happy Family on the 4th


I'm really not an environmentalist...I recycle and all that jazz but I wouldn't call myself crunchy although I have decided to use cloth diapers. They are WAY better for the environment but I'm mainly doing it for financial reasons. Buying diapers is painful! They are so expensive and babies go though them like McDonald's goes through french fries. They are also sooo cute and it gives me another reason to love dressing Jackson...I get to match his diaper to his outfit! These aren't your mother's cloth diapers. They are so simple to use, really just like disposables but you obviously have to wash them. Right now we have about 17 in rotation but I think I'm going to need about 5 more to keep us going. The initial output is pretty expensive, each diaper is about $18.00 but in the long run it is way cheaper. The diapers actually grow with the baby so the ones we have should last Jackson until he is potty trained and then we will hopefully be able to use them on baby #2 (actually scratch that, hopefully baby #2 will be here before Jack is potty trained :-).

We had a nice 4th of July weekend. My parents were here for a night to see their 2nd grandson in 2 months! We went to a friend's for a bar-b-que and had a much needed relaxing day at home on Sunday. Yesterday and today Jack and I have been home working on our nap schedule. He is starting to get the hang of napping in his crib but last night was up every 2 hours all night again. We had a few nights with 5 hour stretches last week but we are regressing. At least it is happening sometimes. I'm assuming the long sleep stretches will start to increase soon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tristan Hunter Leedom

I'm an auntie!!! Tristan Hunter Leedom made his debut via emergency c section 3 1/2 weeks early today the 3rd of July at 1:05pm. He is a little peanut weighing in at 6lbs 2oz but mom & baby are doing great. Jackson is so excited his new cousin/playmate is here. They are going to be best buddies and partners in crime! Congrats Joe & Val!!!!