Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hopping down to Grandma and Grandpa's

We spent Easter weekend at my parents house. It was a whirlwind but lots of fun! Jimmy was too busy with work to make the trip so my brother and I drove the boys down together. 4 hours in the car with 2 toddlers...was surprisingly not that bad. They did pretty well and had a blast playing with the grandparents for a few days.

The weather has been looking up a little and Jackson loves to get outside and play. He likes to dig in the dirt and he could walk around the neighborhood and look at things for hours. Apparently everything outside is exciting to a 2 year old. Who knew the grass, birds, puddles, airplanes, cars, rocks, etc could be so exciting??

We are leaving for San Diego on Thursday for a mini vacation. We wanted to go somewhre with Jackson before baby girl gets here so we are going down to Coronado for a few days to relax in the sun and play on the beach. I can not wait to get there! Jackson has never been on a plane before so we are all so excited for our little adventure.

When we get back it's train party central for the birthday bash!

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